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Hello letter-writing friends! I really enjoyed reading the entries for the last prompt, "Letter to a Fictional Character". I couldn't believe how much fictional characters could really turn our life around, how people felt impacted by these characters just as much as I often do. Without further ado, here is this month's winner:

Dear VioletDear Violet,
I’m sure that when people think of what fictional character I’d write a letter to, you’re nowhere near the top of the list. Fëanor, Percy Weasley, Celeborn, etc, the ones I spend most of my time writing about, you know. I am far too fond of them, and other characters as well.
And it would probably be far more politically correct for me to write a letter to a different female character, one who embodies all of these ‘strong female character’, ‘role model’, and whatever other ideas it’s apparently important to include. Because girls have to have strong female role models, don’t they? But if I’m entirely honest, I think that’s bull, and I always end up feeling worse after I try to make another woman my role model – because look, I’ve got role models already, and they’re funny and witty and like me, regardless of gender.
And as far as the character I wanted to see in a b

by LadyBrookeCelebwen

For her beautiful words, she will receive a three-month Premium Membership!

Other Entries

Keep WarmDear Marcus,
It gets better.
I know, this won't mean anything, and you're going to spiral down hill anyways, but I feel like someday you'll find somewhere that makes you feel okay. Somewhere like your little brothers arms, or a loving girls kiss. Maybe you'll be a lawyer or maybe you won't. Does it matter anymore? Just stay warm and keep looking, okay? It won't end well but if you try you might just make it all bittersweet.
         Your Writer
From the Girl in the WindowMy friend,
    Some say you are not real. You hide, earmarked and waterstained, in the pages of a book, and only the creak of the binding and the shuffle of musty paper can bring you out. And yet, when I read, you are everywhere. You are in the verdant branches outside my window; in the perforated sunlight dotting my windowsill; in the footsteps marking a syncopated rhythm on the stairs. I see you and you are not in the pages I hold in my hands; you are the subtle flecks of light behind my eyelids and the fireworks that erupt from the delicate touch of a lover’s hand. I look into your eyes (yes, I can see you, though they may say it’s impossible) and I see the truths that have been missing so long from my pedestrian existence. A thousand words of advice placed on a thousand pastel photograph backgrounds pale when I look at the truth that shines from your every thought. Why is it that every word of yours rings so true, when I trudge day by day through a landscape o
Thank youDear Ayu,
There are always moments in life when we miss the chance to say the words that we want to say. I don’t want things to end with you in silence. I want to thank you.
It was a year ago that I first read the story of your life.
I have loved you every day since then.
I was filled with doubt when I began to pull back the shadows of your life. There was so little that I knew, yet I kept pulling – and pulling. I wanted to know everything about you.
You were intriguing to me; as if you were a continuous riddle with no end in sight.
As the answers began to be revealed, I felt as if I could relate to you.
I hated myself for a long time.
And when I stopped hating myself, others did the hating for me.
I never began to consider that there would be someone who could experience the same things as I had. At one point, I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. If I were to have met my gaze, I would have asked the same question you asked Reina once.
“If you do that
to happy ever afterDear Percy (or Peter, whichever you prefer),
       Life must suck for you. I mean, being a demigod is pretty cool (hello, you’re half god), but that means you’re just another toy to manipulate. And perhaps even destroy (I’m looking at you, Ares). It’s stupid, honestly. And kind of sick. Maybe one day they’ll realize that if you order people around, it’s not going to help their cause.
       I mean, from eleven, you were fighting gods and monsters. Seems way more difficult than my regular boring life. Your life is so much harder than mine. At my age, you already held up the freaking sky, battled a Titan, returned Zeus’ master bolt, defeated a Cyclops (also found out you were related to one), beat Medusa, and discovered the Golden Fleece. How many 13 year olds can say that?
       And your latest escapade involved you jumping off a cliff with Annabeth, down into the depths of Tartarus.
You're Not AloneDear Mirage:
Ever since I came to know the Transformers fandom, I have been a fan of yours. I don’t know why, but ever since I saw you run after Ravage on the first episodes of the first Transformers cartoon, I have been ‘in love’ so to speak. Not as in love love, but more like admiration.
While others would be rabid fangirls or fanboys, I’m the kind of fan that will sit back and watch while others would practically swarm you. I’m too shy to walk straight up to you and say hi, but I wish I could. I’m just too afraid that I’ll say something stupid, and just embarrass myself. So that is why I am writing to you. I can talk to people with words on paper or on a screen better than when I speak the words out-loud.
Mirage, you are a former-noble who dreams of the good old days of the Golden Age where you lived with the riches of life. You used to hunt turbofoxes. You brought your fantastic ability to become invisible and disguise yourself as someone e
Letter to... a *Fictional* CharacterFrom the moment you first ghosted into my life, I had a feeling this day would inevitably come. I knew you would ask me questions like these, and I wanted to be prepared with answers that hopefully would satisfy you. Just as the words that trace your every step and flicker uncertainly toward your future, I hope that my power as it is right now will be enough to support you as you press ahead... I hope to reinforce your idea of who you are by reminding you of how you came to be, how we both have grown, and how our unbreakable connection was forged.
First and foremost I feel the need to tell you, for some strange reason, that it took me forever to decide on your name. But you knew that already; I mean, you had just as much a hand in choosing your name as I did! We were just sitting and chatting one sunny spring-melt day, and there it was… you just laughed, didn't you? Don't even try to deny it - I know that's what you did. But that's fine - sharing our experiences and feeli

New Prompt: Letter to Death

Now, for a bit of a darker prompt... if you could say anything to Death, what would it be? Would you ask to bring a loved one back? Would you be curious about the afterlife? (Think The Book Thief by Markus Zusak)

Submission and Rules

Submit your letters to this folder.

:bulletblue: One entry per person.
:bulletblue: No novels - keep it a few pages long or less.
:bulletblue: Work must be your own.
:bulletblue: Entries can be old or new.
:bulletblue: Prize = 3 month premium membership courtesy of Moonbeam13
:bulletblue: Contest element closes on May 5, which gives you just over two months. However you can still submit letters to the folder after the deadline, although not to win.

Good luck!
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Adriana Trigiani

"Dear Adri,
There is no such thing as waterproof mascara.
Acne at 16 means no wrinkles at 40.
One good man is enough. "

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