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Letter To a Monster WINNER and New Prompt!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 1:25 PM
Greetings everyone!

Great job to all that entered this month's prompt, "Letter To A Monster!" There were quite a number of entries to go through, some where funny, some were creepy, and some were...eerie. Many of you had some personal demons to write about that was very touching to read. Thank you all!

And now, without further ado, the winner is...
Defenders Against the MonstersDear Monsters,
I can hear you creeping around my room at night, knocking on the walls and rattling my door. I know you are trying to get in. You have been since I was little, and while I don't need the light, (can't stand the light, actually), to fend you off anymore, I have better weapons now.
First is this epic sock monkey named Socky that lives in the top of my closet.
Yeah, he is a creepy mofo most of the time. And yeah, he might have tried to kill me a few times when I first got him, but in all fairness, I did try to rip him up first. Anyways, he is a kickass fighter, and he has a few other badass stuffed animals to back him up. Like my 15 year old unicorn. She's a touch bitch and has no fear of monsters. She is a skilled monster killer at this point.
Next is Ed.
Well, his full name is Ed-Hin, but we usually just shorten it to Ed. Despite his name, he is smart…or maybe it is just his psychopathic tendencies and creepiness that makes it seem that way…Either way, he's got

By: Hinfallend

Congradulations! Here are the other entries for this prompt:

Mature Content

:thumb332131132: ShadowShadow,
Lately I've noticed you lurking about, sneaking your way into my racing thoughts day and night, whispering to me, 'I'm coming for you.'  You've terrified me for as long as I can remember, and I'd be a fool to think I could somehow learn to outrun you.
I hear the poisoned words you drip onto my eardrums and feel the draft left in your wake as you sprint around me, and no matter how many layers I hide under, one smirk from you incinerates every one.  My defenses are futile; I have walls, but if you want to, you can fly.  I wish I could stop you, but you are stronger than I am.
You're perched somewhere out of sight, taunting me with your Maybes and Nevermores, scaling my Great Walls and storming my Fortresses, sinking my Battleships and nuking my Bases.  You are a master of strategy and manipulation.
But although you are something greater than I am, you are not invulnerable.  You are as immortal as I am.  Your dragon hide
Of Monsters and MenDear Thing-in-the-Dark,
I haven't interacted with you much of late. I may be learning to be a big girl and go face my fears and all, but I still try to avoid you.
I wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you. You've outlasted most of my friends' things. In fact, most of them haven't mentioned you, and when I show I'm scared, they give me strange looks. You're more persistent than they are. Or I've let you live. Maybe I feed you more than they do.
I don't think you'll ever die, actually. Not 'til I do. And I think that's okay. You're good for me. You keep me on my toes. And you're something that I'll always be pushing to overcome. You're not my ruler anymore, but you'll never stop pushing back at me.
I also wanted to tell you I'm glad you're more creative than other people's Things-in-the-Dark. You always picked the scariest things to look like, and it was never the same thing for very long. You never hung out in my closet, and I'm proud of you for that. Maybe you're afraid, too. Maybe yo
My Dear MonsterTo my dear Monsters,
I used to be such a scared kid. I thought I saw things I didn't everywhere, like shadows, ghosts, monsters. I used to hear things that weren't there too. I was always so afraid. I was scared of the dark, scared of loud noises, spiders, heights, storms. I was such a whimp. I still am.
I'm not scared of the dark anymore.
You're not just in the dark anymore.
Monsters don't exist in the dark, under the bed. You're in the mirror.
I was always smiling. I've always been happy, I was always trying to cheer people up despite how scared or tired I was. I still do.
Smiling is a natural defense. A barricade to stop people seeing what is really there. Words woven well enough can deceive even the most perceptive or people, deceit is a deadly weapon, yet it can be your greatest ally when you don't know what else you are meant to do.
It's a harsh thing when you're too afraid to speak. To tell the people closest to you what is actually going through your mind. It's terrifying to no
Letter to the KrakenThe Kraken
The Oceans, All of Them
Address Line Not Applicable
Dear Mr. or Ms. Kraken (How am I to know?)
Hello. You may not know my name. You see, you and I have never met. No, please, that's fine! I don't wish to actually have an in-person introduction. However, I believe that while you are in an abundance of many things, you are unlikely to be in an abundance of fanmail. Strangely, you seem to have very few fans. I am planning to deliver this letter via the post, though I somehow question their reliability as "rain or sleet or snow or hail" does not include "many-limbed sea creatures". I will be creating a second copy, as a result, and trying to use non-water soluble ink. I'll also store it in a glass bottle, and tie a big flashy piece of steel to the end. I hope it doesn't annoy or frighten you, though I doubt that you know what fear is, as per your disposition.
As you can probably tell, I very much hope this reaches you! I really do admire your work, and have been a big fan for mo
A Silent SurrenderTo the monster that haunts me, here lies  my surrender:
I've always had this problem that when I get upset I can't speak. I try, but this alien silence reaches up my throat from my chest and snatches the words right off of my tongue. It's always infuriated me, as it means I can't communicate my distress and so people get angry at me, yell at me for sitting there wordlessly as I cry my eyes out. I know it's because they want to help, want to understand why I'm in pain, and I just blank them. But it's not me, it's the silence.
See, I've always been shy, never painfully so or to the point people find it weird, but shy nonetheless. This shyness, though I have no proof as it could stem from any number of your typical, common-all-garden insecurities teenagers suffer from, might be due to my issue with speech. I have never come by words easily. I stutter and muddle them up, struggling to pronounce the letters correctly, if I manage to articulate them at all, and all this is before I
:thumb330670246: Letter to a monster.Dear Monster.
No, I'm wrong. You are not dear to me. I shouldn't be starting my letter in such a manner but it is too late for that now. Once a thing is done it is done, and this is true most especially where you are concerned. You like to leave marks to remind me of this fact - permanence is beauty in your eyes. It is what you take delight in, what you push me towards. Twisting your black claws into my flesh, telling me to listen to you, no, screaming that I should listen only to you, I feel myself start to beg for mercy.
I was once told the best way to get rid of you was to ignore you. Pretend you were a childhood wardrobe lurker, a shadow that would go away the moment I turned on the lights. But the more I ignored the louder you shouted, the deeper you pierced, until everyone else could see the damage you left. I don't know what to say to you any more, what you want me to say to you. I seem to have told you everything; though you already knew it before we met. But still you won't le
:thumb330395501: To the MonsterDearest Monster,
Hello again. It's been a while. You've been in my dungeon for, what, around a year now?
Does time even matter to a creature such as yourself? The world may never know.
At any rate, I asked my guards to give you this letter so that you can know how peaceful the outside world has been without your disgusting presence. No more rebels marching up to the door of my castle, no more of my loyal lieutenants betraying me. It is just like that in society. When a monster howls, people listen. And when you gave your foolish outcry of how "unfair" I am to the people, they foolishly decided to turn against me.
A horrible mistake. Because of you, my guards were forced to kill almost 20% of the population. How tragic. And it's all because my taxes are "too high". I suppose you don't know how the economy works, foolish beast. I get 80%, the people get to keep 20%. Isn't that enough for you?
Apparently not. Fool.
Do you not know how generous I am being? The people get an entire 20%! Dad

Mature Content

:thumb330298641: Dear MonsterDear Monster,
You're probably wondering why I'm writing this to you.  For a long time, I wouldn't even acknowledge you exist.  I was so afraid of you.  It was easy in the daytime; surrounded by people, I could easily drown you out, but at night, alone, in the dark, you'd come creeping up to me, a montage of the days events flashing before my eyes, warped by your twisted and paranoid sensibilities.
I admit that you used to have quite the hold on me, but I'm growing stronger, aren't I?  I can feel it.  Where it used to take all my mental force to hold you at bay, I can now do with a simple thought.  You're inventions and plots and worries are paper thin and get more and more ridiculous.
I bet you're seething in frustration as your machinations steadily lose power.  I can hear your howl of rage as I easily laugh off your accusations.  You'll never know where I've found this strength.  You'll never un
Letter to draculaMy lord,
I hope everything is going well in Transylvania, hopefully there are no vampire hunters rising in the nearby villages, or anything bad that could possibly harm you, my lord. How are your wives? I sincerely hope they are doing well.
However, I have terrible news for you. Have you heard of the Twilight series, written by Lady Meyer? I certainly hope you haven't, for it is a series of terrible novels, with the main characters being a vampire who sparkles like the diamonds found on necklaces of princesses when exposed to the sun and can't even transform, or drink the blood of a human being, and his love, a girl possibly even more boring than a bowl of porridge. It is a disgrace to all vampires everywhere, and ruins your great species.
Please do not try and kill them, I'm pretty sure that followers of the cult Crepusculum would probably try to stake you. The followers are absolutely insane and are almost indestructible. Even though others, such as myself would appreci

November Prompt: Letters to Thank a Family Member

Normal rules apply! November is a time that we think about our family and what we're thankful for, so in honor of this month, we're asking you guys to write a "Thank you!" letter to one of your family members. It doesn't have to be immediate family, it is whoever you think of as family. If your family is the type that doesn't express their feelings often, or if you are really shy and want to express yourself, this is the prompt for you!

Submission & Rules

Submit your letters to our folder Here!

:bulletblue: One entry per person
:bulletblue: No novels - keep it a few pages long or less
:bulletblue: Work must be your own
:bulletblue: Entries can be old or new
:bulletblue: Prize = 3 month premium membership courtesy of Moonbeam13
:bulletblue: Contest element closes on 1st of December however you can still submit
letters to the folder as always, just not to win.

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Hinfallend Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:dummy: I won. Holy crap. Thanks :D
MissBeastie Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Congradulations!
Daghrgenzeen Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats. :clap:

And a good prompt. :)
ScatteredAshe Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

*thinking of a way to "thank" a family member while at the same time letting her know how much she's screwed me up psychologically*
MissBeastie Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a tricky one, good luck!
JessicaBlain Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Student Photographer
*looked twice to realise the one I wrote was on that list XD*
MissBeastie Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, I double checked myself to make sure everyone was in. :D
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